How to import a template on Elementor & kick start your web design process

Elementor’s template library provides you with over 100+ premade designer templates for page and section layouts. This eliminates the need for designing your website from scratch and get you off the ground sooner than you think. Learn how to start using these templates as this article guides you through the steps.

What’s wonderful about Elementor is that you can kick start your design process quicker than you think. As a beginner, you may not be familiar with the interface and starting from scratch may seem quite daunting. Therefore, the best way to begin is to import a template and tweak the way you like it.

Elementor offers a ton of templates and with the community of designers growing within Elementor, there are many other platforms that provide templates too. This article will show you how you can import a template:

  • from Elementor’s own template library
  • from an external template library

Import from Elementor’s own template library

Elementor template library consist of two types: block and page layouts. Blocks include templates for specific sections such as About, Testimonials, FAQ, Contact etc. whereas Page layouts are complete templates with a combination of various sections. Note: If you are a Pro user, you will have access to templates that make use of Pro widgets such as the forms widget, single posts, archives etc.

Assuming you have set WordPress up and installed the Elementor plugin:

  • click on Pages tab on your dashboard and select “Add new”.
  • Once you’ve created a page, click on “Edit with Elementor”
  • Click on the “Add template” icon (the one next to the red “+” icon) and you’ll be prompted with a pop-up listing all the templates available.
  • Hover over a template that interests you and click “Insert” and the content from the template will be translated onto your page.
  • Make all the tweaks as you wish! That’s simply it!

Importing from an external template library

The approach of importing templates in Elementor slightly varies if you have purchased or downloaded a template from one of the many template marketplaces such as Template Monster or CSSIgniter. The templates are generally downloaded with a “JSON” extensions which can be uploaded to your personal library. If you currently have a JSON file you wish to upload, follow these steps to upload it to your website:

  • On your WordPress dashboard, navigate to “Elementor” and select “My Templates
  • Select “Import Templates” and you will be prompted to upload the JSON file that contains the template you wish to upload.
  • Choose the file and click “Import Now
  • Once it’s added to the library, go to the page you wish to use the template on, and follow the steps above. Only this time, you will select the “My Templates” tab, to locate the template you just uploaded.

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