how elementor boosts presence online

6 ways Elementor can help boost your presence online

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Elementor continuously provides features that help you boost your web presence online. Whether it’s a local or digital-based business, Elementor’s widgets will help you create a website that looks credible and modern too. Explore the 6 ways how it can help you do it.

If you are just setting up your website for your business, it is likely that you also looking at strategies that can help boost your presence online. You will need to make sure you have the right features on your website that will help promote and maintain credibility to your online audience. Fortunately, Elementor can help you do just that. With its powerful widgets, it can help many businesses (local or digital) to optimize your presence online.

Note: This article assumes you have Elementor Pro.

1. Mobile responsiveness

To enable access to a wider audience group, your website will need to be responsive to multiple devices. With Elementor’s in-built mobile preview mode, it’s much easier to build a well-designed responsive website.

Not only will it make sure that your site is Google-friendly, but will also ensure your website looks great on most devices.

2. Optimized submission forms

Forms have played a major role in collecting important data from your audience. But with Elementor’s Form widget, you could optimize the design of the form to improve the conversion rate.

For instance, adding a background image with a callout can truly make your form standout. They can also be integrated with 3rd party apps such as MailChimp to better organize the workflow of the data submitted.

3. Google Maps Integration

If you have a physical address for your business, this widget is a must-have. It would help you to easily integrate Google Maps into your website without writing a single line of code.

Whether it is in your Contact or About page, you can refer your visitors to the physical location of the business and let them easily visit your store/business.

4. Action Linking

This feature lets your audience directly connect through WhatsApp, Google Calendar and many other apps. For example, without the need for any code, you can easily include phone links enabling your visitors to call your business with just a click. There are more functionalities that can help your visitors take action which can be tracked.

5. Reviews & Rating

With Elementor’s Rating Star widget, you can add social proof and build trust with your visitors by including a star rating to your website.

And guess what? It’s optimized for SEO and built in accordance to Google Schema – meaning it will increase the chances of being included in Google’s Rich Snippets.

6. Pop-ups

Featuring 100+ templates, Elementor provides unlimited options to include pop-ups to your website. It’s an extremely effective way to generate leads, improve conversions and boost your web presence online.

This extremely powerful features gives you so much flexibility in designing a website that generates results.


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